Prof. Dr. Melanie Sully

Brexit: the lost generation by Melanie Sully

Article in the Wiener Zeitung, 20.7. 2016 and reproduced in Euractiv 20.7. 2016


Our book on youth and politics ed Melanie Sully

"Good Governance and Youth", (donors City of Vienna, Austrian Foreign Ministry, Austrian Federal Railways, Kapssch, Assembly for European Regions) view table of Contents here


Youth Workshop in Podgorica

With Ambassador Fröhlich, Prof Dr Melanie Sully, Dr Josef Mantl. On Youth and Good Governance


Go Governance Workshop Montenegro

Stefan Vukotic head of international communication PR Service Government of Montenegro gave a talk on how young people can make a dfference in the civil service at the workshop on youth and political participation.


Workshop in Podgorica on Youth

Workshop on Governance and Youth October 2015


Go-Governance at the Long Day of Politics

An ambitious project organised by Neuwal in advance of important regional elections in Austria to encourage youth participation in politics. Here Director and deputy of Go-Governance pictured at the Demokratiewerkstatt in the Austrian Parliament. See Long Day of Politics page (in German)


Why should I be interested in Politics?

The long day of politics organised by Neuwal is an ambitious project where Go-Governance will be present. As part of this project we asked one young Austrian to give us his thoughts on the question. This personal view is available here in German.


Youth Empowerment

case study the Slovak Republic by Maros Lauer (series editor Dr Melanie Sully) 

Download as PDF


Youth and Politics: the Czech Republic

In the study series on youth empowerment a contribution by Maros Lauer ed Dr Melanie Sully Download as PDF


Youth and Governance

Go-Governance assistant was selected to attend an OSCE/ODIHR youth event in Warsaw to promote political participation and good governance


Youth and Politics in Austria

Most parliamentarians are in their early 50s although Austrians can vote at the age of 16. Here a few statistics on age groups for MPs and the federal state governments where few if any are under the age of 35.  Download as PDF