Prof. Dr. Melanie Sully

Discussion on Britain and Europe with the Greens, British Ambassador, Gabriele Matzner and Melanie Sully

In January Prime Minister Cameron made his long-awaited speech on Europe and promised an in/out referendum on membership should he be re-elected at the next election in May 2015. He has been criticised for putting party above country since clearly the Conservatives are bitterly divided on the issue. Is this a distortion of direct democracy? Should the people have a say on such a question which would have widespread consequences for the rest of the European Union? Would the EU be better off without the UK and is this not just another example of British hostility to the whole European project? There are different interpretations of this move and vociferous critics. Some like former PM John Major appreciate the dilemma of Cameron in office and say its high time to resolve this question once and for all. The route chosen is hazardous and will occupy many a debate.
This discussion has been organised at the initiative of the Greens and Ulrike Lunacek. Guests include the British Ambassador in Austria, a former Austrian ambassador in London Dr Gaby Matzner and Professor Melanie Sully head of the Go-Governance Initiative, who wrote on the UK, Europe and the referendum question in "Europäische Rundschau", 2012/4 in German.
This event takes place on April 19 at 1.30 appropriately in the House of the European Union in Vienna and will be in German.
News article from the UK Government. 25.4. 2013

Prof Dr Melanie Sully
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