Prof. Dr. Melanie Sully

Scotland Post Referendum op eds by Dr Melanie Sully

Read op ed in Der Standard 19.9. 2014 "Nach dem No Thanks, beginnt die harte Arbeit"

Still standing but it took a knock this week, the Westminster establishment. In the weekend edition of the paper Der Standard Dr Melanie Sully writes an op ed "After the No thanks. the hard work begins". She points out the promised autonomy deal to Scotland seems to have been written on the back of an envelope on an emergency flight to save the Union without much thought for the consequences. This leads to a distinct imbalance in the relative powers of the regions in the UK which can put England at a disadvantage, something UKIP will exploit in the election campaign next year. The deal for the Scots has a tight timetable and there are already many grumblings that it was ill thought out. Parliament has yet to have its say. If it fails Scottish nationalism will reignite. A lot is at stake.


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