Prof. Dr. Melanie Sully

Brexit: Britain's European Challenge -reforming the UK

The Austrian Society for European Politics ( has published a policy paper by Dr Melanie Sully entitled "Britain's European Challenge - reforming the UK" (in German and English).

The Austrian Society for European Politics is a non-governmental, non-partisan platform informing about European integration and promoting open dialogue.
In this issue Prof Dr Melanie Sully tackles the question of the relation of the UK to Europe in the light of the European Parliament elections. She deals with low voter turn-out arguing for electoral reform to allow for more voter choice and calls for parliamentary reforms in the British parliament to upgrade procedures and promote better communications between MPs in the UK and the MEPs in the European Parliament. Dr Sully also draws on international experience especially from Denmark and the Netherlands which are being looked at by stakeholders in the UK for ideas on reform.

The paper is available as pdf here or on the Society Webpage (in English and German) and is also published in German on Euractiv June, 2014 under "Großbritanniens europäische Herausforderung - die Reform des Vereinigten Königreiches"