Prof. Dr. Melanie Sully

Discussion Evening

Public Meeting at the Economics University, Vienna


Panel Discussion

At the Austrian National Bank by invitation of the Austro British Society photo credit on Brexit End Game


Talk on the Road to Brexit

Together with the Austro British Society Go Governance organised an event in the Road to Brexit series. Speaker Gisela Stuart who was in Vienna came along to answer some tough questions on her pro-Brexit stance. From left to right in photo, Dr Kurt Tiroch of the Austro British Society, Dr Melanie Sully Go-Governance, Gisela Stuart and the UK Ambassador to Austria Leigh Turner


Europe at the Crossroads

Lecture in Innsbruck by Dr Melanie Sully attracted an audience of around 200. Details


Brexit Policy Briefs by Melanie Sully

Brexit Six Months On: waiting for Godot by Melanie Sully for the Österreichische Gesellschaft für Europapolitik.
The Brexit Drama: final act or prelude? by Melanie Sully for the Österreichische Gesellschaft für Europapolitik.


Post Brexit talk in Graz

Dienstalk in Graz


Brexit interviews with Dr Melanie Sully

Interview in the Wiener Zeitung October 2015. Here Dr Sully explains some of the technical hitches that could follow an exit vote and the implications for Scotland and Ireland. Following Cameron's proposals for a new relationship with the EU, Dr Sully gave various interviews to Television ATV and Servus TV and an interview on the Euro for the Wiener Zeitung 10.11. 2015 and as Prime Minister Cameron visits Vienna, an analysis in the Wiener Zeitung, "A Brit in Vienna Ein Brite in Wien", 26.11. 2015 by Melanie Sully. An English version of this was printed on euractiv And for good measure the German Euractiv story is here


Melanie Sully writes in Kurier

Brexit was a symbol for a deeper malaise in the EU and to think free from the UK it will soar to great heights without reforms is an illusion. But what reforms we leave to another article.


Brexit: The Referendum Puzzle

Dr Melanie Sully writes in the Tiroler Tageszeitung 12.9. 2015 on the UK Exit Referendum following scrutiny in the House of Commons (plus Austrian FM4 Radio interview 8.9. 2015). Article published in shorter English version in Euractiv online 14.9. 2015


Podium Discussion in Munich September

Europe Direct hosting a discussion on "Brexit - what now: consequences for the EU and Germany" (in German "Brexit - was nun?)  with Melanie Sully, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Gerhard Losher of Bayerischer Rundfunk.


Dr Melanie Sully writes on Brexit and Grexit

An op ed in the Wiener Zeitung also appeared online in EurActiv in English 25.6. 2015 whilst an Austrian Press Agency interview with Dr Melanie Sully on Cameron's negotiating strategy appeared in the Tiroler Tageszeitung 24.6. 2015. An article "How not to hold a referendum" in Euractiv by Prof Sully deals with the Greek vote and is based on interview she gave with FM4 Radio in Austria in English. The Tiroler Tageszeitung 12.7. 2015 interviewed Dr Melanie Sully on Grexit and Brexit.


Brexit Blindflug (the blind flight) by Melanie Sully

Brexit article - apparently with no flight information or idea of course the Brexit camp celebrated their referendum win.  But the predicted economic hit was quick in coming. Many had ceased to believe in experts and had no faith in the EU that it could change. Reflections on post Brexit UK first published in the Wiener Zeitung 24.6. 2016  and reproduced on Euractiv


Brexit: EU Referendum Op Ed by Dr Sully

Dr Melanie Sully wrote an opinion piece published in EurAktiv 16.6. 2015 on the timing of the EU Referendum in the UK "Brexit: A Boomerang named "Speed Kill" which originally appeared in German in the "Wiener Zeitung" 16.6. 2015


Brexit: Policy Paper by Dr Melanie Sully

Policy paper in the Österreichische Gesellschaft für Europapolitik. (The UK election - a national and European game-changer); download in English and a summary in Euraktiv looking at EU referendum and Scottish question


Brexit Discussion at the Chamber of Economics

Britain at the Crossroads 23.5. 2016 with Head of Economics Chamber, Dr Melanie Sully and UK Ambassador to Austria et al


Brexit, UK after the Election

Interview in the "Wiener Zeitung" 27.5. 2015 with Dr Melanie Sully on the Brexit referendum and the policies of the new Cameron government with regard to Europe


Op ed on Brexit in Der Standard by Melanie Sully

Just after the referendum Melanie Sully writes in the Standard on when Article 50 could be triggered and the problems surrounding Brexit (Der Brexit wird verschoben, September 2016). In another previous article "Brexit und Brüsseler Brösel" in Der Standard 27/28 Feb 2016 Dr Melanie Sully looks at the domestic debate in the UK and the question of a possible Neverendum. An English version was published on the Euractiv website 1.3. 2016


Brexit: Opt-outs, U-Turns, Exit Scenarios

Policy Brief "Britain and Europe" by Dr Melanie Sully published by the Austrian Society for European Politics, July 2014. The article looks at the referendum debate on the EU in Great Britain, parliamentary procedures and makes the case for greater transparency and ethical governance.


Brexit Debate in Austrian Foreign Ministry

At the invitation of the Austrian Foreign Ministry and Austrian Society for European Politics. Panellists included Robert Menasse, Melanie Sully, Sonja Puntscher/Riekmann, Claus Raidl. Moderator Christoph Kotanko. Event covered by Austrian Press Agency reproduced in Salzburger Nachrichten.


Brexit: Britain's European Challenge -reforming the UK

The Austrian Society for European Politics ( has published a policy paper by Dr Melanie Sully entitled "Britain's European Challenge - reforming the UK" (in German and English).


Brexit: Op ed in "Die Presse" by Dr Melanie Sully

England's voice is becoming ever louder since the Scottish Independence Referendum, argues Dr Sully in an op ed in the Austrian daily "Die Presse" of 21.1. 2016: Englands Stimme wird immer lauter (for English version read on)


Brexit. "Großbritannien, Europa und das Referendum" Prof Dr Melanie Sully

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Extracts from “Britain, Europe and the Referendum” in Europäische Rundschau 2012/4


Discussion on Brexit Negotiations

Event organised by Austro-British Society with guest speaker Dr Melanie Sully.
Download the PDF here. For a report see the Society events page and photo gallery Foreign Policy and UN of Austria page