Prof. Dr. Melanie Sully

Governance at Youth Kyiv Security Forum

Good governance was high on the agenda of this conference attended by expert speakers from UK, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland with young people from 15 different countries. Dr Melanie Sully addressed the Forum.

The Second Youth Kyiv Security Forum was sponsored by Open Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk Foundation, the Black Sea Trust, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Korrespondent, Kyiv Weekly amongst others. Experts were asked by the media for their succinct ideas on good governance: here the reply of This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

"Priority steps for the implementation of good governance: just as elections do not begin or end with voting on the day, so good governance can be seen as an ongoing process. Mature democracies also face challenges to upgrade their democracies and respond to new agendas eg public engagement to reconnect in a dialogue with citizens disaffected with politics. In this process reforms are of paramount importance in the fields of good quality administration and the legislature.

The central pivot in this process is parliament. A functioning parliamentary democracy, with consensus on the “rules of the game” ie the rules of procedure and constitutional norms is vital for good democracy and the rule of law. Without it agreements, reforms have no solid basis and can collapse as soon as they are made. In addition it is parliament that should act as the role model for a country as its visiting card. Here respect for others, tolerance, the ability to listen, to speak and engage with those in the minority or of another opinion can set the norms by which the rest of society will be judged. Too often that is not the case. How to elevate this parliamentary culture is one of the fundamental challenges - meeting this challenge however will help on the road to the EU and bring wisdom, sustainability and justice."

Amongst the experts were James Sherr Chatham House, London, Stephan de Spiegeleire, the Hague; the event was introduced by a well-known Ukrainian journalist, Andriy Kluykov (ICTV).
Here are some links to the conference and media reports: