Prof. Dr. Melanie Sully

Events 2012: Eastern Partnership

Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum - Stockholm, 29-30 November; Go-Governance was one of the 200 organisations accepted for participation out of around 600 applicants. The conference host was the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Sweden. Guest Speakers included European Commissioner Stefan Füle and deputy minister for foreign affairs of the Republic of Moldova, Natalia Gherman. Akper Saryevv took part for Go-Governance.

"Will South Tyrol Survive?"

The governor of South Tyrol, Dr Luis Durnwalder, addressed this thoughtful question to a full house in the offices of Attorneys at Law, Eustacchio & Schaar in Vienna co-partner in the event was Go-Governance. Dr Durnwalder has been governor of South Tyrol since 1989 and has been a central figure in contemporary political events as well as a stable element of continuity throughout a major period of change. The autonomy practised in South Tyrol is often cited as a model but can it survive? This and other tough questions were put to the governor by Andreas Pfeifer, head of the foreign policy division at the Austrian Broadcasting Association, ORF.


Economic Forum

Go-Governance took part in the Economic Forum "New Visions for Hard Times: Europe and the World Confronting the Crisis", in Krynica, Poland September 4-6 organised by our strategic partner, The Eastern Institute, based in Warsaw, see - sessions included international politics, NGO forum and society, the European Union and its neighbours, the state and reforms. The period of financial crisis at the end of the last decade was followed by the debt crisis in southern Europe. Crises have become a permanent condition of our times mobilising us to constantly seek better solutions. Changing reality forces us to reflect on the purpose for which we strive to make appropriate decisions. How in this situation can we build new models and rules?


Go-Governance at the Parliament Belgrade, Serbia

Photo Credit: Photo OSCE/Shiv Sharma

Participants from the National Assembly, the Government, the Ombudsperson’s Office, the Commission for the Protection of Equality, and civil society in Serbia discussed ways to enhance the capacity of the National Assembly with experts from the UK, Latvia and Go-Governance Austria organised by the OSCE. Prof Dr Melanie Sully gave an expert paper on parliamentarism.


Go-Governance at the Ennstal Circle: dialogue on democracy, education and culture.

One of the panels of this years Ennstal Dialogue was devoted to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Today (photo) Mostar in the South, formerly centre of fierce fighting, is a favourite tourist resort but the city cannot fully participate in the democratic process.