Prof. Dr. Melanie Sully

Conference on US Elections 2016

Moving Forward - American Campaign Strategies & Techniques this well attended successful conference was opened by the Editor of Kurier and Josef Mantl. MelanieSully looked at impact of US elections on Europe reflecting on similar trends such as disaffection with elites, the Establishment, voters who feel they have no voice and maybe a break with the old adage "its the economy stupied".

Moving Forward - American Campaign Strategies & Techniques Melanie Sully looked at the role of the US in post-war Europe, a divided demoralised continent to begin with, through US support for the symbol of West Berlin (ich bin ein Berliner), to Reagans "Tear down this Wall", its role in the the Northern Ireland peace process and strong relationships between US presidents and UK government leaders of different political persuasions, through to the need still for Europe to stand on its own feet. Sully noted too that populists often self-destruct. The Brexit camp did this after the referendum but it can happen before votes. This does not mean though the potential for frustration has gone. It waits dormant for the next populist. The moderator asked if there was any impact of Europe on the US. Sully replied if so it was well concealed since Europe is still navel gazing and unable to deal with its own crises. Louis Reitmann assisted Prof Sully in the presentation