Prof. Dr. Melanie Sully

Governance Conference Yerevan

The conference was attended by around 115 people from NGOs, civil society, students, diplomats who had come from all over Armenia and speakers came from Austria, Armenia, Turkey, Russia, Georgia, Belgium, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Ukraine, UK and USA.

This conference was the first of its kind to take place in Armenia and was attended by the Deputy Mayor of Yerevan and the Deputy Foreign Minister of the Republic of Armenia who had served as a diplomat in Vienna and central and east Europe. Others taking active part came from not only Austria and Armenia but also Belgium, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Ukraine, Turkey, Georgia and Russian Federation. The conference provided a platform for the exchange of ideas on good governance and benefited from the insight and experience of specialists. Armenia sees improving contacts with the citizens as part of a modern democracy. It has already made great advances in developing e governance for this purpose, so concludes the press release of the City of Yerevan.

The City of Vienna Newsletter mentioned the role of the conference in strengthening civil society.

The event was well covered in the Armenian media, on television, radio and press.
View Armenian Television video clip

Armenian Press, "Austrian expert brings European experience of digitalised democracy to Armenia"
On the homepage of Yerevan municipality in English (also Russian and Armenian) with photos

Armen press May 2015 on the conference in English
News from Armenia - International Conference on Good Governance in Yerevan (in Russian)
News in Armenian 15.5. 2015 with photo of the conference
News from Armenia in the Armenian language with photo also appeared in Turkish

Armenian radio and report of the conference in Armenian
Report on the event from the participant from Bulgaria Stefan Ralchev

Some of the power point presentations you can see here:

Download the presentation here, by E. Balekjian.
Download the presentation here, by Levan Kakhishvili.
Download the presentation here, by Hikmet Kirik.
Download the presentation here, by Josef Mantl.