Prof. Dr. Melanie Sully

Black Sea network

Network in the Black Sea Region

The aims are to form a basis to facilitate conferences and publications and also to act as a platform for the mutual exchange of information on projects of interest and to promote good governance in the Region.
The group will strengthen contacts with a view to jointly applying for funds for eg Summer Schools, student grants and lectures and seminars.

Dr. Sergii Glebov

Dr. Sergii Glebov, International Relations, Odessa Mechnikov National University, Ukraine. Sergii is an Associate Professor at the Department of International Relations, Leading Research Fellow at the Center for International Studies, and Dean of the Division of International Relations at the Institute of Social Sciences, Odessa Mechnikov National University. He is kandydat politicheskih nayk (equivalent to Ph.D. in Political Science and International Relations). His research and teaching interests are in the field of foreign and security policy of Ukraine, international relations in the Black Sea-Caspian region, European and Euro-Atlantic security, foreign policy of Russia, NATO-Ukraine, EU-Ukraine relations. In 2000/2001 he was a visiting scholar at the Center for European Studies, University of Exeter (Exeter, UK) and at Columbia University, Harriman Institute (New-York City, USA) in 2003. He received several individual and institutional fellowships, including from HESP/AFP Open Society Institute (Budapest, Hungary), Carnegie Foundation and Jean Monnet Program. He has written more than 35 scientific articles and chapters which were published in national and international editions; speaker and presenter in numerous scientific events in Europe and USA. Now he is working on the individual monograph with the working title “Black Sea Region: the Case for System Analysis”. He is author and anchorman of the political programs at Media TV-Radio Group “GLAS” (Odessa).

Professor Kornely Kakachia

Professor Kornely Kakachia, Georgian Institute of Politics, Tbilisi State University, Georgia
Dr Kornely Kakachia is an Associate Professor, Department of Political Science at Ivane Javakishvili Tbilisi State University where he teaches classes on World Politics and international organizations and Global Governance. He previously worked as Director of the School of Politics International Relations at the University of Georgia (Tbilisi). His research interests include Georgian Domestic and Foreign Policy, Russian-Georgian and US-Georgian Relations, Wider Black Sea Security issues, party systems and Georgian party politics. In 2009-2010 he was a visiting fellow at the Black Sea Security program, Kennedy School of government, Harvard University. He worked as an analyst for the office of the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Georgia at the United Nations Observer Mission in Georgia.Kornely served as President of the Georgian Young Political Scientists Association and received IREX contemporary issues, Carnegie and Faculty Development Program fellowship of the Open Society Institute, New York. He is an active member of the International Studies Association and publishes articles in different journals. Recent publications include: Between Russian Assertiveness and Insecurity: Georgia’s Political Challenges and prospect after the conflict. Turkish Journal of International Relations, Volume 7, No 26 (Summer 2010), Challenges to the South Caucasus regional Security aftermath of Russian-Georgian Conflict:Hegemonic Stability or New Partnership?The Journal of Eurasian Studies 2 (2011), Russia-Georgia Today: An Illusory Stability. PONARS Eurasia Policy Memo, 2010.

Gevorg Melikyan

Gevorg Melikyan Gevorg Melikyan is a policy analyst, political scientist and political advisor with considerable personal, academic and professional experience in foreign and security policy, and domestic politics. Gevorg holds a MA in Political Science (sub-field: International Relations) from Ohio University (2010) with a focus on security issues, alliance formation, and conflict resolution. He graduated from the French-English department of Yerevan State Linguistic University (1997). Gevorg has extensive experience in European and Eurasian Affairs; Conflict Prevention and Resolution; Post-Soviet Conflicts (the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict); Armenian-Turkish relations; Armenia-Russia relations; Armenia’s European/Eurasian aspirations; Social Media; Good governance; Democratization of Post-Soviet countries; and Leadership. He is a recipient of the US Government sponsored Muskie Fellowship (IREX administrated) stipend for 2009-2010. He was a visiting research fellow at World Security Institute/Center for Defense Information, Washington DC and was involved in a research programme by young researchers from Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia. (2006-2007). Gevorg interned at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Washington, DC (2010) and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), Strasbourg, France (2005).  He is the chairman of the Alliance for Democracy NGO, an organization acting as observer during parliamentary, presidential and municipal elections since 2007. Gevorg is also a rotating chairman of NDI-Armenia supported Young Leaders Coordination Board. Since 2011, Gevorg runs a daily analytical radio-show with an emphasis on Armenia’s foreign policy, Armenia’s domestic politics, democracy and democratization, good governance and human rights, civic activism, ecology, youth and women participation in decision-making processes, gender, social media, the role of international organizations etc.