Prof. Dr. Melanie Sully


Josef Mantl - Melanie SullyGo-Governance is an independent Institute based in Vienna to promote and co-ordinate research and projects on the topics of democratic governance and related fields.
It is officially registered as an association in accordance with Austrian law and has an elected executive board.  
Finances are subject to external audit. Go-Governance relies on donors for ad hoc projects and volunteers.
Indices of democracy are well known eg free and fair elections, independent political institutions, plurality in the party system and media, the rule of law etc. This is the software which is up and running in mature democracies but has only recently been installed in others. In the former there is a need to upgrade this software to restore confidence and trust in politics. Quality democracy or good governance is a further stage in the never ending process of democratisation. This includes greater transparency, better parliamentary scrutiny, better laws, opposition rights, codes of conduct and instruments of parliamentary control. Countries can learn from each other to draw up best practices and iron out weaknesses in the functioning of the political system.

Go-Governance has several main areas of work including
  • the culture of governance, the role of diplomacy
  • social media and communication; mobile governance, open government
  • comparative parliamentary democracy, legislative standards, codes of conduct
  • political participation, representation, integration, gender, youth etc
  • political parties and elections, direct democracy
  • European political culture and history
  • the role of cities in democratic governance
  • governance and cross border understanding in the Black Sea Region

For this purpose Go-Governance has built up a network of specialists from the academe, civil society, NGOs and youth groups.

For many years starting at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, Prof Dr Melanie Sully has led a number of projects with a view to strengthening awareness amongst young people and promoting European values and democratic culture. These have included a series of books such as The Odessa Connection, Black Sea Calling, Anchors of Democracy (Diplomatic Academy, Vienna) and The Culture of Governance and Governance and Dialogue (the International Department of the City of Vienna and the Cultural Policy Department of the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs, Austria).
Dr Josef Mantl a successful communications entrepreneur in Vienna and Graz has brought his experience to the Go-Governance Project engaging young people, disseminating the ideas of mobile governance and the need for a new consciousness on climate change.

International partners such as the OSCE, EU and the Assembly of European Regions have participated in the projects with local civil society representatives and the academic community. In addition to these publications there have been a series of conferences, seminars, exhibitions and round tables engaging youth and interested parties in discussions on European affairs. As a result of all these projects a strong and growing network of young people and academics has grown up interested in exchanging new ideas, participating in conferences and preparing for better governance. Further conferences, events and publications ongoing.

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(Photo Prof Dr Melanie Sully and Dr Josef Mantl)