Prof. Dr. Melanie Sully

Scotland vs England op ed by Dr Melanie Sully in "Die Presse"

Summary of article by Dr Melanie Sully in "Die Presse" 3.2. 2015 on Scotland

Scotland voted by a large margin to stay within the UK in September 2014 but this was not an endorsement of the status quo. Cameron and the leaders of the Labour Party and Liberals had promised extensive decentralisation by early this year in a desperate famous pledge before the referendum. Consequently a package deal was worked out at top speed without the usual due process of deliberation and consultation to salvage what is left of trust in the political Westminster elites. A report was published at the end of last year which has now appeared as draft legislation claiming that Scotland will be one of the most powerful regions in the World. More tax, welfare powers will be transferred to the parliament in Edinburgh. For Cameron job done for now, since soon the UK parliament will be dissolved for the May elections and it is up to the next government to get the package on the statute books. This article deals with the complications resulting from the current debate and concludes: at the end of the day it may well be that independence for Scotland might be the solution to break the contemporary Gordian knot.

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