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Go-Governance Projects

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Go-Governance is an independent Institute based in Vienna to promote and co-ordinate research and projects on the topics of democratic governance and related fields.
It is officially registered as an association in accordance with Austrian law and has an elected executive board (see separate entries on this site).
Finances are subject to external audit.

Go-Governance has several main areas of work including
  • the culture of governance, opposition
  • social media and communication; open government
  • comparative parliamentary democracy, legislative standards, codes of conduct
  • political participation, representation, integration, gender, youth
  • political parties and elections, direct democracy
  • European political culture and history
  • the role of cities and regions in democratic governance
  • governance and cross border understanding in the Black Sea Region, west Balkans
The City of Vienna and Austrian Foreign Ministry have supported these projects as well as international partners such as the OSCE, and the Assembly of European Regions together with local civil society representatives and the academic community.



Podcast for Austrian Parliament

The origins of parliamentarism in Europe


Impact of the Pandemic

Together with the Canadian Embassy in Vienna and the Diplomatic Academy we co-host an event on three case studies looking at the disproportionate effect of COVID-19 on women in Canada, Austria and the UK.–-brTHREE-CASE-STUDIES


Anglo American Relations Post Election

Dr Melanie Sully analysed the so-called special relationship between the USA and UK in the light of the Presidential 2020 elections. Her article was published in the Wiener Zeitung. You can read an English version here..In addition Melanie wrote an article for Die Presse "D.C. und London: not so special" 6.11. 2020 and gave a lengthy interview for the Austrian Press Agency which was quoted in the Tiroler Tageszeitung, Vorarlberg und in the OÖ covering the talks on a trade deal between the UK and the EU after Biden's win.


Democracy and the Pandemic

 Every year Prof Heinrich Neisser presents a publication on the state of democracy (Demokratiebefund), this year overshadowed by the pandemic. Contributions also from Prof Theo Öhlinger et al while Prof Melanie Sully examined parliamentary democracy in the UK in the light of coronavirus measures.


Ireland - Politics

Irish politics has featured prominently in recent European debates. Dr Melanie Sully wrote a policy paper for the Austrian Society for European Politics "Brexit, the Irish Shamrock and the English Rose" which was cited in the Council of the EU Think Tank Review (p29), Jan 2020


OSCE in Venice on Lawmaking

Dr Melanie Sully for Go Governance attended an expert group meeting in Venice on lawmaking and democracy organised by the OSCE/ODIHR and the Council of Europe


Round Table on Lawmaking

Experts gathered in Warsaw for a round table organised by the OSCE/ODIHR on good practices in law-making. Dr Melanie Sully presented a paper on public participation and innovative


Global Advancement Programme

Dr Melanie Sully gave a lecture to students on this programme on Politics and Diplomacy, Photo AFA Academic Forum for Foreign Policy.


Summer Seminar in Bulgaria

Dr Melanie Sully was a speaker at a seminar for young professionals in Albena on the Black Sea, organised by the Economic Policy Institute Bulgaria


Go-Governance at OSCE

Dr Melanie Sully addressing the plenary at the OSCE meeting Warsaw, October 2015



Go-Governance in Kyiv

Deputy Go-Governance, Dr Josef Mantl at the Invitation of the Agency for Legislative Initiatives Ukraine


Caretaker Government "Hausmeisterregierung"

 June 2019 a caretaker government was sworn in composed of experts and senior civil servants following the loss of a parliamentary vote of no confidence in the government of Chancellor Kurz (ÖVP). It will serve until the Autumn elections and beyond until a new government can be formed. According to the constitution it has the same power as any government but it is recognised that its reduced democratic legitimacy means it has to tread carefully. Caretaker conventions either written or not giving guidance as in other countries eg Spain, Portugal, Canada, Australia and the UK do not exist. So the "Hausmeister Regierung" has thrown up questions in this regard examined in an interview with Dr Melanie Sully in the quality Austrian daily "Der Standard" and in an interview she gave with Swiss radio:



Study Visit to Vienna from Ukraine

Students from Ivan Franko University, Donezk and Ternopil on study tour to Vienna, seminar with Go-Governance at international department of the City of Vienna with Dr Melanie Sully, Alexandra Dancasiu both from Go-Governance, Thomas Resch for the City of Vienna and Andreas Wenninger, Head of Austrian Cooperation Office Lviv

See the gallery below.


Go Governance General Meeting

Go Governance held its general meeting and the newly elected executive board passed a resolution to include new honorary members: Jakub Forst-Battaglia, Thomas Resch and Oskar Wawra.


Expert Discussion on Media

Go Governance with partners held an expert discussion in the Diplomatic Academy on political communication.


European Youth Parliament

Go-Governance took part in the European Youth Parliament simulation session in Vienna advising on the Committee for Development.


West Balkans Seminar UK Parliament

Delegations from the West Balkans met to discuss political participation. Photo British Group of the Inter Parliamentary Union, Dr Melanie Sully gave a paper.


Go-Governance at Melbourne University Democracy Conference

Democracy in transition and democratic renewal were the themes at this major international conference. Full programme under Events 2015 on this site. Conference participants including Dr Melanie Sully wrote on "Can Democracy stop Terrorism" for Melbournes School of Government online site.

Brexit Conference Wilton Park

Davorin Stetner, advisor to the President of Croatia with Melanie Sully Brexit brainstorming at the prestigious Wilton Park UK


The UK Votes articles by Dr Melanie Sully

The UK parliamentary election could mark the start of major constitutional reform in the British Isles with implications for Europe. Here an interview with Dr Melanie Sully "Strahlende Sieger sind Geschichte" in the "Tiroler Tageszeitung" 5.5. 2015
PDF also read on for more articles by her also in English


Public Consultations - Georgia Workshop

MPs and experts met in the capital of Georgia to assess transparency and public participation in law-making. For Go Governance Dr Melanie Sully presented two papers. The conference was co-hosted by OSCE/ODIHR


Scotland vs England op ed by Dr Melanie Sully in "Die Presse"

Die Presse, 3.2. 2015 "Schottland gegen England: Das Match ist nicht entschieden" dealing with the current dilemma of the UK government in fulfilling its promise on more devolution and Blog by Dr Melanie Sully for the Institute of Federalism, Innsbruck March 2015


Bratislava Study Visit

Go-Governance visited Bratislava with a programme organised and supported financially by the City of Vienna in conjunction with the City of Bratislava. After a reception in the town hall the group went to the Austrian Embassy and heard lectures by the Austrian Ambassador and expert Pavol Demes. In Photo reception in Town Hall with officials from the City of Vienna.