Prof. Dr. Melanie Sully

Go Governance Workshop Montenegro

Stefan Vukotic head of international communication PR Service Government of Montenegro gave a talk on how young people can make a dfference in the civil service at the workshop on youth and political participation.


Good Governance and Youth Participation in Political Life


20 October 2015, 2-6pm, Hotel Podgorica


“Young Civil Servants & Public Administration Reform”


Stefan Vukotić

Head of International Communication

PR Service

Government of Montenegro


  • Biography


  • Studied in Montenegro & the UK
  • Started working in civil service 5 years ago
  • From trainee to Head of International Communication




  • Prejudgements & experience


  • Like all, I thought administration too rigid (and it is)
  • But, you can get in if you’re lucky and work hard (there are other ways too)
  • My anecdote about getting in (school as way in)
  • Proving your worth keeps you in (alongside other things)
  • Rigid bureaucracy & how to soften it


  • Big change next to impossible
  • Small steps (could) take you a long way
  • 3 things are essential: motivation, work, support
  • Story about backdoor launch of Twitter – first in English, small steps, show success, make pressure, move forward, grow bigger.
  • Influence on Croatia, their campaign inspired by us, they built even more, then we took lessons from them
  • Rigid bureaucracy & how to soften it


  • Most important lesson: If you believe in something and are not prohibited, go for it, make success, brag.
  • Second most important lesson: Don’t expect too much. Dream big, but act small. Baby steps.
  • It’s bureaucracy. It’s normal that it’s slow and resistant to change. At least you can be certain it will always be like that. A constant in an ever-changing world.