Prof. Dr. Melanie Sully

Open Data Workshop London


Open Data Workshop

June 17 2014

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University of London



Session 1: Transparency and Open Data in Austria

1.30 Introduction by Dr  Ben   Worthy

1.40 Dr Alexander Balthasar, Institute for State Organisation and   Administrative Reform and Prof Dr Melanie Sully Institute for Go-Governance on   Open Data in Austria (presentation of new book) and Transparency and Politics  

2.10-3.00 Discussion: Obstacles and Opportunities: thoughts and   prospects for transparency and Open Data


3.00-3.20 Coffee break


Session 2: Lessons from   Elsewhere

3.20-3.40 Series of short 5 minute presentations/thoughts: innovator   (Dane Wright), Academic (Dr Liz David-Barrett, Oxford University)

3.40-4.40 Discussion on lessons from elsewhere

4.45-5.00 Final Thoughts and Next Steps



Interesting Applications

 Dane Wright’s site that analyses local government spending  

 Chris Taggert’s site that combines democratic and spending data  

The contract and spending finder spendnetwork  

 mySociey’s applications  that includes TheyWorkForYou (monitoring MPs), WhatDoTheyKnow (for making FOI requests) and FixMyStreet (local government repairs).


An expert open data workshop looking at international best practices takes place June 17 at 1.30pm at the University of London. Go-Governance and partner Institute for State Organisation and Administrative Reform will present a book based on the last workshop in Vienna in the Federal Chancellery co-edited by Dr Melanie Sully with Dr Alexander Balthasar. More details on facebook and Registration: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Also read the Open Data Blog from London
Economics of PIS

A new report 'open for Business' published this week on
the eceonomic benefits of Open Data

Rufus Pollock article on the Economics of PSI from 2009 (often quoted)

UK's Shakespeare review of PSI

Open Data more generally

Yu, Harlan and Robinson, David G., The New
Ambiguity of ‘Open Government’ (February 28, 2012). 59 UCLA L. Rev. Disc. 178
(2012). Available at SSRN:

Davies, T., &
Frank, M. (2013). ‘There’s no such thing as raw data’. Exploring the
socio-technical life of a government dataset.

examples of applications

The NHS prescription and medicine analysis can
be seen on with a brief summary here

of TheyWorkForYou