Prof. Dr. Melanie Sully

Austrian Election and Reforms

Civil society groups including Go Governance with Melanie Sully held a press conference underlining the importance of reforms in electoral system in Austria to meet OSCE and other commitments
A press conference was held led by Prof Heinrich Neisser to present the annual state of Austrian democracy, a publication to which Dr Melanie Sully contributed


Opinion Polls: article in Der Standard

An article by Lisa Nimmervoll "Für Meinungen gibt es keine Stopptaste" Der Standard 29.2. 2016 looking at whether opinion polls should be banned just before elections and some international examples given by Melanie Sully. Other articles written by the same journalist in interviews with Melanie Sully include features on postal voting and e-voting with comparative studies appearing in Der Standard in September 2016 after problems in the Austrian presidential.


Op ed in the Wiener Zeitung

Dr Melanie Sully writes on the common international problems of parliamentarians comparing Australia, Austria and UK: Wiener Zeitung, 5.1. 2016 "Doch mehr Gemeinsamkeiten als nur Kängarus.
English Version, click here


Labour Party Leadership Battle

Dr Melanie Sully writes in the Austrian quality daily "Die Presse" analysing an unusual candidate on the Left. In 2016 Melanie wrote an article in Die Presse on the crisis in the Labour Party which was reprinted in Euractiv. Also interview in Der Standard on the threat of a split in the Labour Party. And interview in Der Standard on controversial choice of shadow cabinet ministers.


Workshop in Armenia on Lawmaking Process

Workshop organised by OSCE/ODIHR stressing the need to conduct proper consultation in policy and lawmaking processes: press release


The Advantages of the UK Electoral System

Much maligned and unloved here Dr Melanie Sully writes an op ed in the "Wiener Zeitung" 28.5. 2015 " Das Wahlrecht - ein Recht auf eine Wahl" in German with English summary on the first past the post system in the UK.


Tiroler Tageszeitung interview

Interview with Dr Melanie Sully on what UKIP gains mean for Europe and Britain, November 2014


Rechtspanorama "Die Presse", Was Österreich von den Briten lernen kann Dr Melanie Sully in the legal section of Die Presse

Photo: Dr Melanie Sully

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. has written in the quality daily "Die Presse" ("Was Österreich von den Briten lernen kann") on MPs, when they should resign, discipline, recalls, lobbyists, the expenses scandal in the British parliament and other international examples. For some offences UK MPs forfeit their salary. Also read what happens when MPs get prison sentences.


Parliamentary Reforms by Dr Melanie Sully

 Here a selection of topics and interviews on current politics



"Kleinere Kabinette besser?" (Are small cabinets better) by Dr Melanie Sully, in Die Presse

Article in the Austrian daily, Die Presse, by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (5.10. 2013) on the optimal size of parliaments and governments with international comparisons in the light of the formation of a new Austrian cabinet after parliamentary elections. Plus:
A current debate in Austria on parliamentary hearings for Ministers and a similar discussion in the UK House of Commons on pre-training and feed back for Ministers and possible candidates. What qualifications should our leaders have? 
FM4 Radio Interview "The Job of a Minister", with Dr Melanie Sully, 10.9. 2013