Prof. Dr. Melanie Sully

Podium Discussion Lemberg

Together with the International Renaissance Foundation, Bookshop "Je", City of Vienna, Kiever Gespräche and the Austrian Cooperation Office Lemberg. Welcome address by Austrian Ambassador to Ukraine.

Political culture and social media, communication and political participation are the topics in this debate with Prof Dr Melanie Sully, Dr Josef Mantl, Director Ihor Semyvolos, Yevhen Bystrytsky Director of the International Renaissance Foundation et al; opening by Austrian ambassador to Ukraine Wolf Dietrich Heim. Chairperson Juri Durkot, journalist and writer and member of the board of Kiev Dialogue.
With its 28 members, different cultures, history, alphabets, traditions not to mention languagues, the EU is a source of fascination for many seeking models but what can it offer. It nevertheless possesses common values also cherished by many in the audience at the debate. Also reviewed the modern and social media - how can this play a constructive role for countries like Ukraine and what lessons can be useful as best practices from the EU and older democracies. A packed house with people of all age groups.
Date 12.9. 2013 at the Bookshop "Je" Svobody Prospekt 7, Lviv Ukraine. Translation German/Ukrainian All welcome - Details here