Prof. Dr. Melanie Sully

European Democracy Conference

in the Diplomatic Academy, Vienna 27-28 April on Good Governance and Values

The annual European Democracy conference run by our partner in the Austrian Federal Chancellery, the Institute for State Organisation and Administrative Reform together with the Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy.

The topic this year: "Good Governance based on a Common Bedrock of Values - providing stability in a time of crisis?

Break out session on "The impact of values on Good Governance" chaired by Dr Melanie Sully

Full Programme here

During the conference the book "Multi-Level Governance" (Proceedings of the 2014 conference in Strasbourg) was presented eds Alexander Balthasar and Johannes Pichler The book includes a chapter by Dr Melanie Sully on "Multi-Level Governance in the UK: the search for a master plan" in which she looks at developments in Scotland after the referendum, the Smith Commission and unresolved questions such as a written constitution for the UK, electoral reform, a second chamber for the regions, stronger local government powers, city regions and regional assemblies. She concludes "Whether the UK is en route to dismantle the ensemble or continue what was the aim of the Prime Minister (Cameron) namely to conserve it will not be clear for some time". Developments on this topic are posted regularly on our homepage