Prof. Dr. Melanie Sully

Digital Leader Josef Mantl

Communications entrepreneur Dr Josef Mantl, Deputy of the Institute for Go-Governance is a great networker and campaigner. The Austrian daily "Kurier" 16.1. 2016 took a look at his current activities in the USA.

"An Austrian in Hillary's campaign team", so runs the header of an article in the daily "Kurier".

Deputy of the Institute for Go-Governance is no stranger to the USA or to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. His studies took him there back in 2008 when he became involved in politics. Dr Mantl is also passionate about another topic, climate change and has supported initiatives with US Senators to bring about a rethink on the way we treat our planet. Josef has long supported Hillary Clinton's ambitions for the White House and describes her in personal contacts as uncomplicated, relaxed and someone with a great sense of humour. Behind the glamour of the scenes Mantl is taken with the way Hillary speaks off the cuff to ordinary folk improvising and with genuine interest.

Elsewhere in the paper an article on networking focusses on Josef Mantl as "digital leader and follower". In an interview he emphasises the importance of networking which has to be done in a professional way and not merely to collect as many contacts as possible. Chemistry must fit and contacts not artificially construed. That all demands time and energy. Dr Mantl also has for this a motto "Make friends when you dont need them". Respect and humour round off the recipie for successful networking. More This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.