Prof. Dr. Melanie Sully

Good Governance Award for Moldova

Governance Awards are supported by the Austrian Foreign Ministry, the City of Vienna, Austrian Industrialists Federation and the Assembly of the European Regions. In addition to our award winner from Armenia (see elsewhere on this site), Oxana Paierele received the Go-Governance prize.

Oxana Paierele works at the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction in Moldova. Her work is concerned with seeking to reduce structural disparities between regions and to promote real equal opportunities. Oxana is a volunteer for Civic.Md a portal that facilitates access to a wide range of information from the non-governmental sector through press releases, interviews etc., evidence of communication and civic involvement. She sees her work in the ministry as part of the "local governance" agenda since it focusses on coordinated activity between the central and local public administration authorities, of the local NGOs and local communities to support the socio-economic development of disfavoured zones. Her projects aim to achieve a balanced sustainable socio-economic development in collaboration with different institutions in the fields of eg business, ecology, youth and civil society, diplomats, parliaments and administration.