Prof. Dr. Melanie Sully

Good Governance Award for Armenian Project

The Good Governance Awards are supported by the Austrian Foreign Ministry, the City of Vienna, the Austrian Industrialists and the Assembly of European Regions

As we advertised last year on this page, Go-Governance initiated a small Awards scheme for worthy governance projects in the Black Sea Region with Austrian and European donors. There are now successful candidates from Armenia, Ukraine working on eg media, cross-border projects with Turkey and other interregional work. In due course we will report in more detail on this work.

For now here one of the projects: "Radio Briefing with Gevorg Melikyan"

One Award winner has already aroused attention in Armenia and concerns regular radio briefings directed by Gevorg Melikyan. This Radio Show was launched over two years ago with the aim of being the first ever analytical-informative talk Radio Show in Armenia. This offered a new platform for discussion, debates and dialogue. It is interactive with live stream and public participation with direct phone ins. Initially it was intended to deal with the foreign policy of the country but it soon became clear there was a thirst for balanced information on domestic politics, the role of democratisation, civic activism and decision-making processes. In addition the show covered vexed issues such as relations with Turkey and Azerbaijan. During parliamentary, presidential and municipal elections the programme managed to interview candidates from a cross section of the spectrum and the audience could question them live directly. It was apparent that there was a convenient tendency to blame the woes of Armenia on other "external" factors which glossed over real domestic problems. The value of the Project exists in helping to bridge the gap between governed and those governing and in assessing objectively the very real problem confronting the country instead of simply blaming others. This helps to combat prejudice and stereotyping. Those interviewed have included experts, ambassadors, parliamentarians, journalists, civil society as well as international guests (with translation provided). The show is on the Radio web site and Facebook. Gevorg Meliykan, who developed the concept, says the programme has received a huge feedback many finding the dialogue a dose of "oxygen". Shows are aired every day and last 40 minutes.