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Prof Dr Melanie Sully (ed). Director Institute for Go-Governance

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 Good Governance and Youth

Oskar Wawra,
Director, International Relations Department, City of Vienna

Good Governance in the Black Sea Region:
Expectations and Reality. A Personal View
Jakub Forst-Battaglia
Former Director of the Austrian Cultural Forum, Kiev; Diplomat in the Austrian Federal Ministry for Europe and Integration

Children and Young People in the Austrian Parliament:
The Democracy Workshop

The Involvement of Young People in Democratic Life at Regional Level
Assembly of European Regions (AER)

Youth Participation in the EU: Empowering Youth through Volunteering
Simona Pronckuté
Brussels-based Analyst from Lithuania

Viennese District Elections 2015: Urban District Campaign
Alexandra Dancasiu
Policy Analyst, Institute for Go-Governance, Vienna

Protests and Plenums: Bosnia’s Civic Awakening and Youth Participation
Stefan Ralchev
Programme Director and Policy Analyst, Institute for Regional and International Studies (IRIS), Sofia, Bulgaria

“Independent” Ukrainian Generation between “Old”
and “Young” Elites:
Challenges for Youth Participation in Ukraine’s Political System
Sergii Glebov
Associate Professor, Department of International Relations, Dean School of International Relations, Institute of Social Sciences, Odesa Mechnikov National University Ukraine

#Electric Yerevan: Energising Democracy
or Instrumentalising Youth?
Gevorg Melikyan
Independent Political Analyst, Yerevan, Armenia

State Youth Policy and Youth Participation Through
the Youth Council Adjunct to the Mayor of Yerevan
Samvel Mertarjian
Vice President of the Youth Council Adjunct to the Mayor of Yerevan

The Impact and Sustainability of Youth Exchanges
in the South Caucasus and Good Governance
Hovhannes Stepanyan
Expert from Armenia, Educated at Cardiff University UK

Paternalism Discovers Youth: Giving Rights
or Making Concessions
Assoc Prof Dr Hikmet Kirik
Department of Political Science and Public Administration,
Political Science Faculty, Istanbul University, Turkey

Nature of Youth Activism in Georgia:
Trends Motives, Ideology
Levan Kakhishvili and Iveta Gogava
Experts based in Georgia